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Extend variable creation with "Content from Cookie"

MAPJe71 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 1

CodePlex requires two request-verification-tokens to retrieve the redirect-URL to download the actual file (dated 2013).

One token can be retrieved from the applicable HTML-page. The other token can be retrieved from a cookie.

However, AFAIK Ketarin does not support reading cookies.

In order to be able to use Ketarin to download from CodePlex I hereby request the feature to read cookies.

Preferable in such a way that it is possible to store the data in a variable (e.g. "Content from Cookie").


create variables from scripts

Shawn 2 years ago • updated 3 months ago 1

Per the discussion in this thread it would be great if we had additional options for variable creation with scripting functionality. This feature wold provide alternatives to 'content from URL (start/end)', 'content from URL (regex)', 'textual content' in a variable assignment to offer powershell/batch to parse and return values that would become the values for the given variable. This feature would also require more transparent control of variable parsing order (and likely reordering of variables) in order to ensure that the scripted variables were parsed only once and had access to the sufficient breadth of data from previous variable assignments.


Add command line option to alter replace root path

Shawn 2 years ago • updated 3 months ago 3

One of the things that makes Ketarin less portable than it could be is that the complete download path is preserved in the data structure. If I use a USB stick as my local cache and more it to another device, if I don't match up the drive letter, a bunch of files might be re-downloaded or treated as missing.

One way around this is to find/replace the old path with the new path in an export/import operation, but it would be better if the paths were either not rooted (only partial paths) or if there were a way to replace the root path via the command line.

An example of the export code that demonstrates the problem is here:

<PreviousLocation>K:\_Ketarin\Ketarin\..\Security\CertData-11 Oct 2016.txt</PreviousLocation>

If I plug this drive into another computer that doesn't reflect it as "K:" I have to change the drive letter before I can have Ketarin run consistently.


sanity checks for download URL

Shawn 2 years ago 0

It would be very useful in situations like this if invalid characters in a URL (such as carriage returns and line feeds) and URLs that failed other sanity checks (like being over 4k in length, have no protocol, or no domain) had a persistent visual indicator when updating, editing, or saving the app profile. Something to indicate an invalid URL is being used. Perhaps the specific variable, or URL or filehippo ID fields have a reddish background, a new status icon with a broken globe, or something similar.


Templates Improvement

Kirill Uksusov 3 years ago 0

OnError global events

Shawn 2 years ago 0

Currently at Settings, Commands there are several options to perform custom actions before and after updating an application, and after updating all applications.

It would aid in troubleshooting and advanced logging if we had a new command option for "after an application update fails". This would enable us to document the current state of the application with its populated variables, which should enable us to proactively address issues in our apps. It would also fill the sole mandated manual issue of tracking errors via the popup window after each update check.

It would also be beneficial if we had an option within this new command to either enable or disable the post-update error report when using the "after an application update fails" command. If we script the command correctly, the post-update error report would be unnecessary.


Add variables {errormessage} and {errorcode}

info 3 years ago 0
Useful for sending e-mails wih status info.