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Extend variable creation with "Content from Cookie"

MAPJe71 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

CodePlex requires two request-verification-tokens to retrieve the redirect-URL to download the actual file (dated 2013).

One token can be retrieved from the applicable HTML-page. The other token can be retrieved from a cookie.

However, AFAIK Ketarin does not support reading cookies.

In order to be able to use Ketarin to download from CodePlex I hereby request the feature to read cookies.

Preferable in such a way that it is possible to store the data in a variable (e.g. "Content from Cookie").



necrox 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 0

On request of Tomorrow for a dark mode feature I start a new poll here. See

A dark mode would actually be a nice feature for Ketarin. Bright light causes me migraines. Therefore I run my monitors with 50-60% brightness and use dark mode wherever possible.


Templates Improvement

Kirill Uksusov 9 years ago 0
Under review

sanity checks for download URL

Shawn 7 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

It would be very useful in situations like this if invalid characters in a URL (such as carriage returns and line feeds) and URLs that failed other sanity checks (like being over 4k in length, have no protocol, or no domain) had a persistent visual indicator when updating, editing, or saving the app profile. Something to indicate an invalid URL is being used. Perhaps the specific variable, or URL or filehippo ID fields have a reddish background, a new status icon with a broken globe, or something similar.


Add variables {errormessage} and {errorcode}

Canneverbe Limited 9 years ago 0
Useful for sending e-mails wih status info.

Provide a built-in function to extract downloaded files

Omar 4 years ago 0
When downloading portable applications, they usually come compressed (zip, 7z, etc) rather than executable.
Adding this function to the setup commands would be really great.

Add option to disable "Errors" page after updates complete with errors

Shawn 5 years ago 0

Please add an option to disable the Errors popup after checking for updates and an error occurs. This should be available as both a checkbox in the main settings and a command-line switch. 

When using the new error trapping features in 1.8.11 the new popup is unnecessary.

Thank you!


Proper support for Shared Folder

musahi0128 6 years ago 0


I've been using Ketarin for a while now,

Now i try to setup Windows Shared Folder as download location,

The thing is, when i set the download file to be saved at the shared location, either it's directly (like \\hostname\folder) or via mapped network drive, it's always loop on downloading the setup file,

I've already searching the forum with no luck,

Hope you take a look at it,

Thank you