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sanity checks for download URL

Shawn 7 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

It would be very useful in situations like this if invalid characters in a URL (such as carriage returns and line feeds) and URLs that failed other sanity checks (like being over 4k in length, have no protocol, or no domain) had a persistent visual indicator when updating, editing, or saving the app profile. Something to indicate an invalid URL is being used. Perhaps the specific variable, or URL or filehippo ID fields have a reddish background, a new status icon with a broken globe, or something similar.

Under review

I fail to see how this helps. You will get a notification about invalid URLs when downloading applications in the error window. Persisting this information is somehwhat problematic considering the "dynamic" nature of applications. Unfortunately, the original issue in the forum has been deleted by the author so Ican't have a look at it anymore.

Can you tell me what additional value you expect from this feature?

The need for this has changed somewhat over time.

I have nearly a thousand apps and use Ketarin mostly via CLI and without opening the GUI if I can help it. When I do open the GUI it would be great if those apps that have had recent errors had persistent distinctive statuses that enabled faster review.

With the other changes over the last couple years, this could now be accomplished by adding two new fields - "LastError" (a timestamp) & "LastErrorDetails" which could have the same information from the "Error" column in the popup. These could be used to persist this information and allow display with either custom columns or data export to quickly identify errors the next time I open the GUI.