create variables from scripts

Shawn 3 years ago updated by Canneverbe Limited 1 year ago 6

Per the discussion in this thread it would be great if we had additional options for variable creation with scripting functionality. This feature wold provide alternatives to 'content from URL (start/end)', 'content from URL (regex)', 'textual content' in a variable assignment to offer powershell/batch to parse and return values that would become the values for the given variable. This feature would also require more transparent control of variable parsing order (and likely reordering of variables) in order to ensure that the scripted variables were parsed only once and had access to the sufficient breadth of data from previous variable assignments.

Under review
Can this feature be considered done or are we still aiming for a simplification of that functionality? Like actual script based variables?

yes, thank you.

Yes, it can be considered complete now that there is working scripts to accomplish what I was after.

Either the PowerShell sample linked above or the "!" variable naming for custom columns accomplish the objectives I was after.