Add command line option to alter replace root path

Shawn 2 years ago • updated by info 2 years ago 1

One of the things that makes Ketarin less portable than it could be is that the complete download path is preserved in the data structure. If I use a USB stick as my local cache and more it to another device, if I don't match up the drive letter, a bunch of files might be re-downloaded or treated as missing.

One way around this is to find/replace the old path with the new path in an export/import operation, but it would be better if the paths were either not rooted (only partial paths) or if there were a way to replace the root path via the command line.

An example of the export code that demonstrates the problem is here:

<PreviousLocation>K:\_Ketarin\Ketarin\..\Security\CertData-11 Oct 2016.txt</PreviousLocation>

If I plug this drive into another computer that doesn't reflect it as "K:" I have to change the drive letter before I can have Ketarin run consistently.

When you request features, you should give it a vote though. At least one ;)