Global command for additional events: When no update is available

Shawn 2 years ago 0

I'm now automating a lot of stuff directly from Ketarin but there are still a couple blind spots. Getting the information from Ketarin into my external system is usually done in the "after updating" command, since it provides the ability to do, well, pretty much anything and can access the context of my application. However, for applications that don't release regular updates, when I make a change to my data collection, it can be a huge chore to get the new information updates as it requires manually parsing various information since the cached data isn't available outside of Ketarin application processing.

I'd like to be able to configure a command that would run globally whenever no update is available for an application. Unlike the "update fails" option, this command would run even in the absence of an error condition, and could be used to perform stateful checks automatically (for example, to ensure that application processing is still working correctly even in the absence of a download or error condition).

I don't see a lot of people using this capability, nor those that do take advantage of it using it very often. However, for my own purposes this would be amazing. It would also allow us to create a generic diagnostic script that could be used to help troubleshoot problems with new application profiles. I can think of several times in the forum when someone has asked for help that having something like this would save me time trying to walk people through how to get various diagnostic information.